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How to Begin: Herbalism Resources

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Herbalism honors our fundamental connection to the plant and fungi worlds. It is the art and science of connecting with herbs for healing. This healing can take many forms: Growing herbs, wildcrafting, working with them magically and energetically, making infusions or decoctions, tinctures or glycerites, creating topical applications, and so on. The plants and fungi have an incredibly intelligent way about them, and each one of us can build our own unique relationship to them. Here are some resources to consider or contact us for more information:

Herbalism books, websites, resources:

American Botanical Council. Explore the website at

Bellebuono, H. (2018). An herbalist’s guide to formulary. Llewellyn Publications.

Bennett, R. R. (2014). The gift of healing herbs. North Atlantic Books.

Braun, L. & Cohen, M. (2015). Herbs & natural supplements: An evidence-based guide. Churchill Livingstone Australia.

Cunningham, S. (2014). Cunningham’s encyclopedia of magical herbs. Llewellyn Publications.

Eisley, T., & Horne, S. (2016). The modern herbal dispensatory. North Atlantic Books.

Gardner, Z., & McGuffin, M. (Eds). (2013). Botanical safety handbook. American Herbal Products Association.

*Gladstar, R. (2012). Medicinal herbs: A beginner’s guide. Storey Publishing. *Good beginner book

*Gladstar, R. (2008). Herbal recipes for vibrant health. Storey Publishing. *Good beginner book/recipes

Gladstar, R. (1993). Herbal healing for women. Fireside.

Green, J. (2000). The herbal medicine maker’s handbook: A home manual. Crossing Press.

Grieve. M. (1931). A modern herbal. Free online access to this historical text:

*Grove, M. N. (2019). Grow your own herbal remedies. Storey Publishing. *Good beginner book/gardening strategies

Hoffmann, D. (2003). Medical herbalism: The science and practice of herbal medicine. Healing Arts Press.

*McIntyre, A. (2019). The complete herbal tutor: The ideal companion for study and practice. Gaia. *Good beginner book/ I highly recommend!

Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing in San Diego. Visit the website They have an herbal certificate program, including in person and online classes, and a holistic herbal clinic which I have been assisting for over 7 years.

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine (Michael Moore). Explore the website It is a great source of historical herbal texts from the 1800s-early 1900s in the U.S., medicinal plant images, herb growing, ethnobotany, etc.

United Plant Savers Medicinal Plant Conservation. Explore their website with plant information at

Weed, S. (2003). Healing wise. Ash Tree Publishing.

Winston, D. & Maimes, S. (2007). Adaptogens: Herbs for strength, stamina, and stress relief. Healing Arts Press.

Reputable sources of organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs (dried herbs, extracts, powders, oils, supplies, etc) for purchase:

Starwest Botanicals

Mountain Rose Herbs

Pacific Botanicals

Herb Pharm (liquid extracts)

Gaia (many capsule-based products)

Avena Botanicals (nice products overall)

Host Defense Mushrooms (great source for mushrooms)

Locally, Lazy Acres, Encinitas, may have some bulk, dried herbs (purchase organic)

Suppliers of organic live medicinal herb plants and seeds:

Strictly Medicinal Seeds Organically grown, and they ship from Oregon.

Local San Diego nurseries: Pearson’s Gardens & Herb Farm in Vista has an amazing selection of medicinal and culinary herbs! Anderson’s La Costa Nursery, Armstrong, and Barrels & Branches, Encinitas, may also have some medicinal herbs.

Remember to check latin names for medicinal genus and species.

“We turn to the Medicine Herbs of the world….With one mind, we send thanksgiving, love, and respect to the Medicines and the keepers of the Medicines.”

[R. W. Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass]

In peace, Sally

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