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The Magic of Hawthorn ~ Hedge Thorn

  1. Hawthorn is sacred to fairies. Roads have been diverted to avoid cutting one down.

  2. Hawthorn brings good luck and prosperity to the land where it stands.

  3. The flowering of the tree is symbolic of spring.

  4. Hawthorn is associated with the Roman Goddess Flora.

  5. The leaves, flowers, and berries are good for our hearts.

  6. A hawthorn wand is especially effective against bad spirits.

  7. The branches of blossoms have been used to decorate the outside of houses for May Day.

  8. Hawthorns were believed to be witches who had transformed themselves into trees. Witches have long danced and performed their rites beneath them.

  9. Its red berries attract birds which help spread this tree far and wide; hawthorns can live hundreds of years.

  10. They are all about love and protection!

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