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Sweetgrass: Attracting Positive Energy

Getting to know the energies of plants on a deeper level enrichens our lives and amplifies our consciousness.

Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata), the “fragrant holy grass,” has been viewed as sacred throughout regions where it grows and is harvested. When burned, the smoke from the braided sweetgrass is said to attract good spirits, peace, and positivity.

Native to Europe and North America, it has a rich history of cultural use among different communities. Northern Europeans used sweetgrass as perfume, to give the home a sweet scent, including storing with clothes, to flavor food and drink, and in folk medicine. North American indigenous peoples have some similar uses. The Ojibwa carried braids of sweetgrass and wore braids around the neck as perfume.

Sweetgrass is also considered sacred medicine and a powerful tool for healing and prayer. To the Anishinaabe First Nation, it is believed to be the sacred hair of Mother Earth, which when braided, represents mind, body, and soul.

Here are some ways we can connect to this plant and its positive energy.

  • Burn as a special offering during prayers or blessings

  • Smudge for purification purposes

  • Connect to its spirit through meditation and gratitude

  • Carry as sweet perfume

  • Wear as a protective totem

  • Keep in the home for fragrance and to attract positive energies

  • Incorporate into basket weaving

  • Weave other herbs, such as lavender, into its braid, and create an herbal flower crown

  • Place sweetgrass in a pillow to encourage sweet dreams

  • Grow sweetgrass in your garden for positive vibes

  • Create new ways to connect with this beautiful plant!

In peace,


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