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The Magic of Willow

Salix alba (white willow)

Welcome to the tree of enchantment! This sacred wishing tree has a healing aura, blessing all it touches.

Willow is associated with the Goddess, feminine, moon, and water.

Connected to the heart and the power of love, willow leaves are carried to attract love.

Willow branches are often bound to magical brooms.

It is a guardian tree. All parts (leaves, bark, branches) can be carried or placed in a location to guard against evil and can be used in healing spells.

For conjuring spirits, mix crushed willow bark with sandalwood. Burn outdoors during the waning moon (as it gets smaller; from Full to New Moon).

Burial mounds located around water in Great Britain often had willow trees around them. It’s an ancient funeral herb.

Wear a sprig of willow when facing the death of a loved one.

Place a sprig on an altar for lunar magic and divination work.

If you wish to know if you’ll be married within 12 months, throw a shoe into a willow tree on New Year’s Eve. You get nine tries. If it stays in the tree, you’ll be married during that time.

It is a wood associated with immortality, as one may grow a whole new tree just by cutting one branch, placing it in water, and allowing it to grow new roots so it can be planted.

Willow wood is used for magical wands. Any spell worked with a willow wand under the rays of the moon will increase its strength. For those of you who have a magical willow wand, may it guide you in finding much love, peace, and prosperity!

Peace, Sally

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